Unable to discover Xiaomi sensors

Good Day,

I am unable to discover Xiaomi sensors with Hubitat.

I also checked for list of compatible devices with below URL but there is no such details has mentioned for Xiaomi sensors.


Kindly suggest.


They are not in the list of compatible devices because they are not officially compatible. :slight_smile: That being said, many people have been able to make them work, usually with success. The first post in this thread summarizes what you need to know: Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

To summarize, you need custom drivers (available in a separate thread linked to from that one). You also need to be careful how you build your Zigbee network; only a few repeaters are known to behave well with Xiaomi devices, while others are likely to make them fall off the network. The latter seems to be a common problem for many people. That being said, in most cases Hubitat should still be able to discover the sensors, so if that's not happening, they likely weren't reset or properly put into pairing mode. Consult the "Basic Pairing Instructions" section in that thread for information on how.

If you want to avoid these headaches, sticking to officially compatible devices is the best solution, but many more will also work without problem (any nearly standard Zigbee or Z-Wave device should work; the current Xiaomi devices are close but not quite standard).


Thanks for the quick response.. Let me go through this and I will get back if required anything


I have several of these. you need to press and hold the set button until the unit glows steady blue then release it. 3 -5 seconds or better. Then release and keep tapping that button until it shows up in your system. It will blink blue every time you depress it. I find that you're more successful to pair them in the exact spot you intend to place them because they get picky if you move them after you pair them and the system takes a bit to rebuilt that zigbee mesh and find them. Hope that helps.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Let me try on this.

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