Unable to control z-wave devices after update

Yesterday i updated from to the latest firmware. I am now unable read status of or controlling any of my z-wave devices.

What do I do now?

I didn't update before because I was afraid that something like this would happen. :slightly_frowning_face:

Is it safe to roll back to my previous version? Everything was stable and working without any efforts in that version.

Of course

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So, I rolled back to But I am still unable to control my z-wave devices...

Well, It seems it wasn't safe at all to roll back! When I open the z-wave details page everything is gone! WTF!! :angry:

Went back to the latest release and my z-wave details is back. But I am still unable to control anything.

Make sure you’re on latest. I would shut off hub (via shutdown), power down (unplug power) for 60 seconds or so. Then power back up and see if that gets things going.

Last update had a fix for upgrading from that far back.

Did you say what model hub?


I powered the hub down and waited a couple of minutes. Now it works! Thank you!

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A normal "reboot" doesn't cause the Z-Wave part to actually get cleaned up. That's why you occasionally need to do a shutdown/power-off/wait/power-on. That causes the Z-Wave part of the Hub to clear its mind. :slight_smile:

(In case you were wondering)



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That's also why I forget all my chores after a nap. Very convenient. :slight_smile:

@tsaaek - I assume you're doing this, but just in case and for anyone else watching, always download a quick backup via the conventient backup button on the FW update screen, before you update your hub.

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