Unable to add “Bridge” Accessory in Home app

I am still unable to connect to the QR Code or manually entering the numbers. Always says Accessory Not Found.

I am reading but have not seen solution that works for my hub.

This is typically caused by LAN issues with multicast.

Is your hub on the same subnet as your phone? Does your wireless router route multicast between wired and wireless segments?

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Subnet is the same, IPhone on IP4 I believe. The IP subnet on the router ip and iPhone listed router id are different.

I missed this reply. I have an odd configuration. Bonded DSL -> centurylink modem not in bridge mode as it cannot ppoe tag in bridge -> RAXE500 beta product.

I have the ppoe credentials and can bypass the bridge by allowing the Nighthawk to do this but I cannot physically connect the bonded dsl (RJ11) cable to the router(RJ45)