UK WiFi power monitoring outlets


I'm struggling with this to be honest - could you please point me in the right direction?

I installed Tuya Smart (android)

Added the plug, total doddle. Shows the energy just fine, virtually instantly. Awesome.

How do I get this available into hubitat?

I'm assuming I can add this somehow, and use the usual webcore etc?

Well Tuya is different than the TP-Link Kasa integration. These are the ones we referred to:

You may be able to integrate the Tuya plug using this integration. The dev is pretty responsive if you have issues:


Ah, this is taking up too much time and energy! Gah =P

Could one of you guys please explain

(a) Which plug to purchase (this time!)
(b) How to get the sod working as a normal device in hubitat.

Returning things to amazon is becoming ... tiresome. =P

I really don't want the cloud route.


If you want energy monitoring, then you'd be looking for the KP115.
If you just need on/off, then you can get the KP105

The TAPO devices aren't supported.


Yep, I use the kp115's

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Thanks, but the kp115s are 33 quid per socket
That's insane.

Cheers though.

Wow, I only pay ~$30 AUD, which I expect is about half, or even less than 33 pounds.

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Yeah, I can't justify that at all.

It's a shame because this tuya one works well. Just can't integrate it.

And the

Are also a great price( tapo p110)

",,,,, Following are highlights of the policy:
TP-Link will collect information about the devices connected to the plugs (Point 2.3). They may collect IP address, location, mobile device information, user name, email address, shipping address, log-in and password details [!!], communications via phone calls, e-mail, social media, … the list is extensive and alarming (Point 4). Not only will TP-Link be allowed to use such information itself, it is also allowed to transfer such information to third parties (Point 5.2). Furthermore, customer information may be transferred to parties that may acquire TP-Link in the future (Point 5.4)."

... the only thing TP-Link have missed in their privacy policy is :
"I promise you my firstborn" :rofl:

Yes, I try to avoid cloud where possible. This is just a massive pain.

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They can be operated locally, i.e. not bound to their cloud service. Probably doesn't mean they can't collect some data via their app

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Let's give this one a go.


This one is a really very good finding!
There is also a very good Tasmota driver for HE which is actively maintained.

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How are the athom Tasmota plugs?
With regards to the Ajax smart plugs, I have not encountered the tripping issue due to high voltage issue that you've had. However, I had a different issue where the plug would be constantly switched on and would stop responding to On/Off commands both on the plug itself and with software - I have returned one plug due to this issue a few weeks ago and now another plug had the same issue. Note resetting or re-pairing the plug seems to solve the issue but it may occur again, weird.

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Awesome. From what I can see.

Can't speak for the accuracy yet, because I've recently discovered I've essentially maxed our my WiFi and thus, am in the process of adding another access point.

All I've done so far is add a few simple rules to indicate power etc. From what I can see, they're ace.

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Kp115 are £14.49 each on box.Co.Uk

Thanks for that.

Ive actually ordered a few more from Ali.

Also, Tasmota Smart Plug | Power Monitoring | Local Bytes



Wait for my posts needing help with the KP115 :joy:
I’ve just ordered some from BoxUK, as they’re currently £11.99, and in stock.

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