UK prices availability of devices?

Has anyone thought about clubbing together to bulk buy/import devices?
If I wanted 2 pirs I could order 10 kinda thing if people wanted them

Would need to be ZigBee.. devices - Or European Z-Wave

yea, aliexpress or zigbee from US maybe, more about banding together to get better price.
I do have relative in US some might be able to dodge customes with ti being a gift

I'd take part for a couple Iris keypads. It looks like people like using them with Hubitat.

Any other takers or recommendations for models and suppliers?

I have 5 new ST starter sets (hub. presence, plug, multi sensor and motion/temp sensor). They can be collected from Tipton (Dudley) or Stourbridge.

I imported 10 Iris V2 motion sensors from eBay, best thing I did! I'd be up for a bit of clubbing together to get decent devices.

How many do you need?

Good for motion sensors now, but have been on the look out for decent contact sensors. I currently have Xiaomi original ones, but can’t make them them stick on the Zigbee for a long while now. Looking for at least 8.

Neo cool am from ali express seam good but z-wave

Yeah I saw those. I’m not adverse to z-wave, they don’t need to be ultra fast, they’re for windows mainly. So just stable.

I'm looking to get some content sensors, zigbee or z-wave, any advice or anyone fancy a bulk order?

Did see these, not pretty but uses 2 AAA!

#Aliexpress £10.71 | Z-wave Sensor Door/Window Sensor Compatible with VERA /SMARTTHINGS and other Zwave hub

If you plan to get a z-wave based sensor make sure it's z-wave plus.

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