UK: Hubitat Compatible Smoke Detectors

Afternoon everyone. I have 2 Nest Protects that have reached the end of their lives. Is anyone aware of any Hubitat compatible smoke alarms that also satisfy the requirements for the UK. I don't mind Z-Wave or Zigbee.


First Alert is z-wave but honestly you can pretty much use any fire alarm with an Ecolink Firefighter... The sounds (co and Smoke) are standardized and will trip the ecolink. I use them with my interconnected nests

Thanks for the quick reply but after a quick Google I don't think either is available in the UK.

There's this discussion:

Also added "UK" to your thread title to help the other UK-ers to find you, and make it clearer for us US-ers (like me), who tend to assume that everyone lives in the US, and don't notice even when something is posted in the GB/UK forum). :wink:

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This is true for smoke and CO detectors that adhere to specific UL standards. Probably limited to North America.

The z-wave version won't work in the UK (different freq) ..... the zigbee version might if they use the same temporal patterns we use here.

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Thanks, The device in that thread is no longer available but Fireangel do make a dry contact adapter that might work for me...

And thanks for adding UK to the title.

It's still available on

Just over £40 delivered

Just trying to find out what frequency US alarms are at in the UK are alarms are 3000hz from whT I can find

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Yeah I didn't notice the UK bit in the OP's original message

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In the US it is 3200 Hz with a temporal 3 pattern for a smoke alarm. Full details here:


The zigbee version of the ecolink firefighter doesn’t work with Hubitat.

It looks like someone got it to work, but very hit and miss noones got to the bottom of why some work and some don't.....

Yes , rather puzzling. I tried to test one out with @mike.maxwell and had the same experience as him (couldn’t get it to actually do anything after pairing).

I've just made my smoke alarms smart.
All mine are EIelectronics hardwired with battery backup and interconnected,
I used one of there relay modules and connected a fibaro smart implant to that. It now triggers my lights, door lock and curtains as well as sending notifications to our phones if triggered.
Very happy with the result :grinning:



You should do a how-to with pics. This could be applied to some US stuff I'm sure.

Excellent idea, I'm currently building to Scottish code and hardwired/battery are a requirement.


As im about to do the garage smoke alarm ill get some pics and do abit of a how to :+1:

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I use the Fibaro zwave smoke detectors and can’t recommend them highly enough
Fibaro compatible with Smartphone FGSD-002 smoke detector

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Just bought three for my new house :slight_smile:

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Nice one. Here's the driver I used. Works a treat [RELEASE] Fibaro Smoke Sensor

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