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We are about to undertake an extensive renovation. After plenty of research across expensive systems like Control 4, Luxone, Figaro, we have decided on going with Hubitat!

However, our sparky has no clue about this and I was wondering if you guys have come across a design consultant of some sort who can help us with a tech specification which I can give to a sparky.

I am thinking of the following -

  1. Wiring layout
  2. Lights and Switches - Types, which ones, how many circuits and all that

Basically something an electrician can use to price the job.

First of all welcome and I'm not sure if you realise what you are letting yourself in for. :wink:

If you are starting from scratch I would make sure you install deep pattress boxes (50mm if possible) for all your light switches and outlets so you have the option to install dimmers behind your switches. Something like Fibaro or similar.
Also make sure you install a neutral to every light switch. Some switch types require neutrals, some don't, but it will increase you options.
As for lights and switches, I would not go down the 'smart bulb' route as these have to be left switch on/powered for them to be 'smart'.
We are limited in the UK for what smart switches and outlets are available but there are a couple of threads running on this in the forum.

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Thanks a lot! Great pointers...gratefully received. We really cannot afford Smart Bulbs as we find them really expensive besides being not very smart as you pointed out. We want to take advantage of the fact given we are going to be doing a full re-wire we want to create a mesh network with a combination of Zwave and Zigbee switches/dimmers which can be controlled by HE.

It is just a bit overwhelming to create a layout if that makes sense.

Also, uploading a network map which I drew up based on another kind gentleman who shared with his version. Would be grateful for any input or key considerations that may be required here.

‘Smart’ sockets are not available in the UK (at least none that I would trust)
So you must use plugin sockets. These make good repeaters too
I would not put your hub in the garage as it may have signal problems with all the metal in there.
Unless it's a C4 hub with the usb sticks on extension leads, I would look to put the hub(s) in a more central location.

As you are remodelling, I would think about future requirements
One thing that I have in my garage is a big ups, then I have cabling to special sockets in various parts of the house. That way you can have anything on the ups wherever it is.

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Thank you. I was planning to just buy 3 hubs which would be connected to MACs across the house. It’s a fairly large area (350 sq mtr) so wasn’t sure what would be the best option.

Would you still recommend to stick to one hub and keep it in a central location?

Sorry one more question . What do you mean by “big ups”?

Ups = uninterruptible power supply
This has a battery backup to keep the power on if the mains goes off.
Mine can run most of my house for about 6 hours.. just my servers and hubs etc for about 3 days :slight_smile:

I’m not he best to advise on how may hubs :slight_smile:

I have 8 of them (5 production and 3 dev/test hubs) :weight_lifting_man:


Aurora do double sockets that are ZigBee 3.0. they have been send and along with all their kit it's on mike's desk and being worked on :crossed_fingers:. I think they are part BG so good stuff.

2nd this, but I would also add to try to use plastic fast fix boxes where you can. Just for better signal rather than encasing it in a metal box


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