UK Greenwave Smart Plug

I hope that the support comes, because it is very important for me. My wife has agreed that she will get word when the washing machine is ready. (Fair the power consumption)

Everything needed is in the driver above. Sadly I just don’t have the knowledge to make this work in HE. We just need someone who can help alter the code.

Did you ever get these working?
I have some of these plugs I want to move over from ST as ST is too unreliable to use anymore!

Hi Phil,

They will work as a “generic z-wave switch”. I’ve still had no luck at porting the ST driver as yet. They won’t show power usage, and the light still might flash. My workaround for that is a RM rule that performs a refresh every two mins.


Cheers Roy.

Have you had any luck with any power monitoring with another zwave switch?

Current uses I have (in ST) are:

  1. Change Location Mode based on power draw from a plug - i.e Night mode when both phones are on charge in bedroom etc....

  2. Turn off an Harmony Activity when Power drops below 0 - this one will probably be trickier I think due to lack of full Harmony integration

The only device I have that now shows power is my ST plug. :disappointed_relieved:

Which method are you using for Harmony? Pretty sure it can be achieved. I’m using this one.

I haven't yet tried Harmony, I just read up whilst waiting for my Hub that is doesnt offer full integration like ST.

The driver you shared looks like it will do some of what i want. My two uses currently for Harmony / ST are to turn on a switch when an activity has started and also to turn off the activity and the switch when power draw is zero. I use a laptop as my HTPC that is set to turn on when power is detected, and i then have it set to shut down after 30 mins of no activity and turn the switch off. This is all done using the Greenwave plugs currently (well it was until ST stopped working for me!)

I guess what I could possibly do if the driver allows me is to turn off the plug and then turn on the plug when an activity is started as by default it would most likely still be on from previously if i cannot turn it off based on power draw.

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Yeah, pretty sure you could achieve this with RM. I find the Harmony much faster than on ST, as its all local. :+1:

I'm struggling to get any of the greenwave's I have working with ST using the generic switch or smart switch drivers... Which one have you got them working with?

This is one on HE.

Cheers for the image, mine aren't playing ball. Also got a number of TKB switches that aren't pairing too.
Will keep trying :slight_smile:

So they aren't pairing at all, or just not working once paired?

I can get one of them paired but then it doesnt turn on or off...

Very odd. Sorry more questions...

Are they removed from ST, presuming ST may still be on.
Did you hit the "Configure" option after pairing?
Whats the plugs Status in the Device Information of the plug?

This is my Details in the device, just wondering if they may be different on yours, which could maybe point to a different firmware (There are around 3 FW for these from memory).

Only just got around to trying these out again as been moving more stuff over but left these on the back burner.

I am able to reset the devices - hold down power while plugging in until green ring light comes on?

Now I'm struggling to pair them - is the process simply to press the button on the bottom?

According to their doc, this is the reset procedure.

User can press power button for few seconds at booting time. There is more information in detail about procedure in user manual document. This operation will reset node Id in association groups and the setting about protection command class.

Yet, the diagram of the plug, points to the reset being the bottom button.

I found the following which suggests...

  1. Press and hold the power button while plugging the PowerNode into an electrical outlet.
  2. Keep the power button pressed for five seconds until all bars turn green for five seconds, indicating that
    the factory reset process has completed. Your PowerNode is now free of its former association, and you
    can perform an inclusion process to include it in your GreenWave Reality energy management system
    (refer to the “Network Inclusion Process” section above).
    If all bars did not turn green for five seconds, then the PowerNode was not previously included.
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Not seen that doc, thanks.

Out of interest, what is the wheel set to when attempting this?
I know it can be locked by that, maybe thats an issue?
And ST is off now, and the plug removed from there?

I don't recall doing anything out of the ordinary to pair mine, apart from button pushing etc.

I had it set to 6, moved it to 7 and it now showed as a Device. Changed to Generic Z-Wave Switch and 1 is now working.

So getting closer :slight_smile:

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Now it is flashing red/green which I believe is leak detection... had to clear this a few times in ST. Not sure about how on HE

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