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With the release of the mobile app, I can now start looking at migrating away from ST fully to Hubitat. But the process of trying to integrate two Hubitats is a lot of manual work due to deciding things like which should be master, which devices get paired where, etc. This can require adding and remove devices.

Please add checkbox and multi-selection operation support, specifically in the device list, but could be useful elsewhere like the Dashboard page (it's strange that I can't remove dashboards from that page and have to go to App page). The reason is many times, I might be messing around with the virtual device creating apps like Hub Link or other apps that create virtual devices, and if I need to remove those devices, or even if I want to move around device pairings to another hub, I have to go through each device one at a time, clicking on the device to enter the info page, and then go to the bottom and click remove. Then I have to confirm and move the mouse to the top of the screen to click remove. All of this is tedious and time consuming.

I suggest putting in checkbox selectors as the first column of the device table, including a check all box in the column header, with device operation buttons above the table header, on the left side opposite the search bar. Then, with devices selected, there would be a button to remove, along with the confirmation modal, button to toggle info message logging, toggle debug message logging, and update device type. It would also be nice to add a button to disassociate all the selected devices with apps.

Specific to Hub Link, it would be nice if Link To Hub would notify the master hub when a device is removed from the list so that the virtual device can be automatically removed as well.


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Maybe I'm not following your request. If you remove Hub Link, it will remove all of the virtual devices it creates. Is that what you're looking to do?

Not quite. The other direction. If I remove a device in "slave" hub running Link To Hub, it doesn't get removed by Hub Link running on the "master" hub.

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Correct. Under About Virtual Device Management Link to Hub - Hubitat Documentation