UI Bug in Device Details webpage

@patrick, I see a UI bug in the Device Details webpage. Don't recall when it cropped up.

The name of the device appears to be slidng too far to the left placing it under the Hubitat logo. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

As it displayed, I can't really tell what device I am modifying without scrolling to the bottom to see the name in the device label.

It displays correctly in every other page, for example, the device events page:

I have tested it in multiple browsers and have cleared my browser cache. Same result.


This might also explain why the hamburger menu disappears sometimes on my Android phone (chrome). If I refresh the page it comes back and it only seems to happen on the device page. I only noticed this recently as well. I'm not sure if it happens on both my hubs (different f\w) but I will update here with screenshots when it happens again. Minor annoyance for me at the moment.

Also happens to me on Firefox on macOS. Couldn't figure out exactly when it happened, so I'm glad you didn't more digging than me. Not a big deal for me, either, but a bit confusing sometimes.

@patrick, here is what I described above. This in on my Dev hub. The hamburger menu reappears after a few page refreshes. I was unable to reproduce on my Main hub that is on an earlier f/w ( See screenshot
with and without below.

Found the issue. Thanks! Will hopefully make it into next update.