Ubiquiti Unifi Protect cameras

Thanks to the great support from @gopher.ny, I was able to add a local processing option.

This means that the RPi remote server.py is no longer required with Hubitat or later, so you can now run this integration locally on Hubitat.

It will continue to run with the remote server option if you have an older version of Hubitat platform software. Please let me know if you run into any issues after updating.

I updated this on GitHub and also in my HPM listing as version 1.3.0. Enjoy!


Hi tomw,

This is awesome! Do we just change the server.py IP to the hubitat IP? I don't see any change in the device after updating the code.


You can leave the server.py settings as they are. The driver will automatically switch to local if you have a new enough Hubitat platform version, so the server.py settings are just not used anymore at that point. I'll update the readme for my integration to better explain that.

Perfect thanks. Appreciate your work on this integration, it has been working really well :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words.

FYI, I made a minor change (posted now as version 1.3.1) to hide the server.py configuration options when they won't be used. I also updated the readme with some comments.

Looks like it is working great here on the latest Hubitat release. I've got G3 and G4 cameras along with the doorbell and they all seem to be working fine!

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I saw someone mentioned on here about the Unifi Access controller. It's for controlled access. I'm not much of a programmer, but you have done a lot of work on getting Network and Protect to work. Any idea if Unifi Access could be integrated for access control functions?

I did a bit of digging about Access when I was working on my Protect integration.

At the time it was very new, and the community folks that seemed to lead the way on UniFi API reverse engineering and integration for various systems were saying that it was changing a lot and would be better tackled for an integration once it has settled down.

I looked again over the past couple of days and that still seemed to be the status quo. I found one post where multiple users requested an API and got a UI response that said 'someday maybe' but it seemed like a low priority.

I saw one other post where someone had figured out a few entrypoints by poking, but it wasn't much to go on. I don't have any Access hardware, do you? I could turn on Access in my controller to try to get the login flow working, but I would need someone with actual hardware to help me test anything beyond that point

I do have the access hardware. I have both exterior doors, both side and main garage door and one of my racks that all use access from unifi. I'm definitely willing to test anything if you are interested. It would be cool to have a dashboard that could open doors.

I am about to pull the trigger on a Hubitat, but only if I am able to get live feeds from my unifi protect cameras on my Hubitat dashboard. (Trying to avoid going to Home Assistant)

The comments in this thread from the past month seem to sound like this can now be done natively from Huibtat ? Is that correct ?

Is this a simple setup now ?

What do you mean by live feeds?

My driver integration for Hubitat (discussed in this thread) has the ability to take snapshots and serve them up for display. Even then, there are some hoops you have to jump through due to the character display limit in Hubitat dashboards that I am trying to iron out. Third party dashboards likely do not have that limitation.

So, you can use a lot of functionality with Hubitat using my integration. But it may or may not actually give you what you're looking for. And just another quick note that it's not an officially supported API from Protect or an officially supported Hubitat package (as with all community-developed integrations), so no guarantees that it will always work. But I'll do my best to keep it working since I am also a user. :wink:

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Haha okay, makes sense! Great work!

I wonder if I use Action Tiles as my dashboard for Hubitat if that would help for live camera feeds?

The goal is to have a wall mounted tablet with some quick buttons and to have live feeds from our outdoor unifi cameras always up.

From my understanding, smartthings is able to do that with live unifi camera feeds fairly easily ? So I wonder if somehow I could integrate ST for my camera feeds into Hubitat ?

I'm super new so sorry if that ST combined with HE is just madness lol

Can you point me to how it is possible with ST? I could read up and see if it would be possible with Hubitat directly.

It’s possible with RTSP (in a dashboard).

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Cool, I was reading some other posts about that. Can you use RTSP directly with a Hubitat dashboard, or do you have to transcode to mjpeg or something first?

I have.

There is another post in the forums about how to directly stream images from a UniFi camera to the Hubitat dashboards...without any special drivers or anything.

I don't remember the details, but I do remember that it was pretty easy.
Basically, you have to log into each camera and select the box to make the jpeg snapshot available. Then, in the Hubitat dashboard, you add an image tile and past in the link from the camera. Once a second, the camera "publishes" a new jpeg snapshot and the image tile updates accordingly.

Not 100% "real time" but good enough for my needs. I have a mixture of G3 and G4 UniFi Protect cameras (including the doorbell).


Thank you, that was what I was finding as well.

You can use the 'snap' URL from each camera like you described. It's maybe a bit delayed and jumpy, but it is easy to just do without any additional work.

But if you want the actual video, you'll have to transcode it from RTSP to mjpeg, which requires an external system and is beyond the scope of what I can support in my Hubitat driver natively.


I actually just enabled the snap jpeg on our driveway. I was going to work on a rule to refresh every 5 minutes and immediately reload on motion events

I do that also with the take command using my driver. Trigger a rule based on motion on the camera with an action of taking an image.