Ubiquiti Unifi Protect cameras

Now that you are connected with the UniFi Protect System device, you should be able to create the child devices using the command button on the device page.

The child devices have attributes, like motion and pressed. When the attributes change, events are fired.

You use those events as triggers to make automation actions run, either in Rule Machine or a third party rules engine.

An action might be turning on a particular switch, and the action might be triggered when a motion event occurs on a specific camera child device.

@tomw , thank you very much for the guidance! :grinning: :facepunch:

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I´ve been playing with this app for a few days, but I´m missing something. Here is my Protect environment;

1 Dream Machine Router, V.3.2.6
1 Unifi Network OS, V.8.0.7
1 Unifi Protect App, V.2.9.41
1 G3 Instant Cam, F.4.66.17

I installed TOMW Controller app, and it recognized the G3 Instant cam. No problem so far
I installed TOMW Image Server app, and works as expected (I guess)
I already posted some Image icons on some Hubitat Dashboards, and I can see an image I created after pressing the Take button on my G3 device.

But what I cannot make is to update that image after that.

I tried creating a RM rule that when detects motion (from an external Motion Sensor), go and press the device´s Take button, but the Take button doesn´t appear as a valid option to take a new picture.

Am I missing something? I just can´t make that image to update after there is motion either detected from the G3 cam, or an external Motion sensor.

Maybe I can´t (or don´t know how to) configure the G3 cam on the Protect app to take that snapshot everytime there is motion.

Any help is welcome.

NOTE: SOLVED! I just was not configuring the rule properly.

Hubitat C8

i'm new to hubitat, but an experienced programmer
having trouble understanding
i have added the drivers code & created the virtual device for the controller
not sure how to create child devices - i click but nothing happens - i am missing something?
i created a login for hubitat for Protect
commStatus says good

Did you install the additional drivers for the devices in your system? They're optional in HPM, so you have to install them specifically.

After you hit createChildDevices you should refresh the browser page and then scroll to the bottom to find the child devices that were created.

If the drivers are installed but no child devices appear, please enable logging on the virtual device for your system and then hit Initialize and then createChildDevices again. Send me a PM with the output in Logs.

i dragged & dropped the controller, chime & doorbell into drivers
in devices added the controller, set ip & credentials
click initialize - commStatus good
click createChildDevices
refresh - nothing at bottom
only webSocketStatus open/closing in log

don't take it for granted that i know what i am doing - probably something fairly basic i am missing?

Not only can you not add a line break... But the characters are variable width. For example, I can fit 10 T's on a line, but only 7 O's.

Also, in the Protect app, it shows 5 lines.

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