Ubiquiti router recommendation

Two grand for their cheapest rack mountable option?!?!?!?

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Buy a shelf and some zip ties for the others 🤷

I feel this pain... I am spending less time tinkering and more time doing family stuff. I wanted the network to be a single pane of glass so that it’s easy to manage and I don’t have to fight to keep things running. The USG still frustrates me sometimes. But most of the features I need are there and working. Going to get Unifi cameras soon too..

I completely agree. Oh well... I moved away from Unifi at home.

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Umm... I had them and they are decent but you can't easily integrate them directly. You can mod the configs and setup listeners etc etc but there's no API directly so integration is a hack job and a half. You'll still have to run Blue Iris or Xeoma or similar to integrate motion detection into anything.

Unifi is not for the faint of wallet.

It's a WANT not a NEED. You either WANT the Unifi GUI, control, reporting, access, pretty charts, or you don't.

It is certainly NOT a need.

I run/manage about a dozen or so UBNT networks, and our clients pay us for ease of access/control/remote and completely managed solutions, more so than "cheapest solution"

In the end there IS a solution for EVERY problem. Our job is to find the CORRECT solution for each for them.

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I don’t want them to do motion outside notifications outside record on motion within their portal/app at this point. I want reliable cameras with local storage and easy setup that can have zero cloud footprint.

As long as you don't EVER want to integrate them cleanly... they are good and they work. The interface has much to be desired and development is stalled... stopped???

For easy, local and is there and if getting e-mail or push notification is all you want then it's good enough.

@dman2306 in the end, my rec to you... would be hold on to the ASUS for now. Let "Wi-Fi 6" have its day is the sun. When the hype and costs come down to earth we can both grab a UXG.

For now lets admit we are between "generation" and good things come to those who wait.

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The UniFi cameras are quite expensive cf other similar spec devices, They can provide RTSP but other actual features only get enabled within UniFi Protect. It’s a closed system but functional and nicely integrated in the UniFi overview dashboard,

The UDM Pro is a great solution for router + NVR + cloudkey controller at a great price. If it just worked better. It’ll get there I think. It’s based on a brand new OS to their previous products. IIts a multifunction product although it doesn’t provide as much flexibility as the separate devices and somewhat ‘takes over’ the network.

Once pfsense is installed, that's it. You don't have to tinker
In the future, whatever you want/need, you pretty much have.
It's totally free, and free to try, hate it, don't use it

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I do really miss my pfsense box. But what I had only had a 32bit processor so I stopped getting updates at 2.4??? i think. And most of the need features were available from USG

If you have other local only, reliable, work out of the box solutions I am all ears.

I am planning on getting a UniFi protect controller for them as well.

If you use HomeAssistant ? there are good integrations for both the USG and network information.. including switches (POE device cycling) etc. Plus now fairly recently good support for UniFi Protect.. Information from HA to HE via MQTT perhaps...

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Me too

This is the reason I went with a UDMPro. It just works. While my wife is patient with my home automation, just wanted a stable network, VPN and device metrics. Most of the complaints are by people who are very experienced with ubiquiti products and trying to use some broken or not yet ready advanced features.
I will say, I do think support is lacking and they might roll things out of beta too quickly. I'd still like to know how every forum question is handled by UI Glenn for a company that should have a pretty large footprint.

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I’m also thinking of making a change from ASUS, which I’m familiar with and like (especially merlin’s firmware). Because I’ve heard good things about Ubiquiti and I’m curious about their products but pretty unfamiliar still.

So these perspectives are helpful, thanks all.

This is how I’m feeling, but waiting isn’t a great option for me unfortunately. I need to outfit a new house with a router, switch and access points. Can maybe wait a month or so before I have to order :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

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I am pretty happy with changing to Ubiquiti Unifi. I had no issues with my unifi USG system.
Recently upgraded to the UDM pro and have 4 POE switches, 3 nano HD, and 2 G4 pro cameras.
search "udm pro drops internet connection" though.
I have had it drop my internet every 2-3 weeks.
Fix may be to put a switch in between the UDM pro and my optical network terminal.
It has only been a week and no issues will see if it really fixes it.
Shouldn't be needed and I am sure a firmware update will fix the issue but something to be aware of.
The nano HD do not have very wifi good individual coverage area but 3 was fine for my 2500 sq foot house, basement, and garage.
The POE switches work great. Placed in different areas of the house giving me more POE options.
The G4 pro cameras are a bit expensive and are good I was just hoping for a bit more for the price.

Overall I really like the user interface and the new mapping of devices.

been running a unifi house w/ switches, wifi and usg for a while. when i upgraded to gig fibre i upped to a usg pro. (the usg alone peaked at around 380 up/down and the usg pro is 950 or so up/down)

Interesting...I have the exact opposite experience. Just over 2K sqft ranch, one NanoHD in center (ceiling of living room) of my home and I have great coverage throughout the house and into the front and back yard. Best wifi I've had.