Two Thank You Notes

First a big thank you to Bobby D for helping me through getting my new/old C-7 functional when I was just about certain it was bricked.

Second, sometimes little things make a huge difference, thank you to the development team for implementing the file name prefix when downloading backup files! I only just got the second hub working (see above) and was creating sub-directories and trying to make sure I didn't put the wrong backup file in the wrong place, etc. This is a great, if simple, enhancement!


Agreed - @bobbyD has done a ton to keep my hubitats humming along.

Can I say @gopher.ny? Thank you Victor!


Totally agree. Saves me having to rename my backups for my 3 hubs.


The Join and Reset Instructions are also really cool. Having just moved a bunch of devices to the new hub, I am really appreciating having this information in one place!