Two installation of hubitat

Do I need multiple Google accounts. Or how do I add the second hub to my Google account?

If you have 2 hubs you don't need another account, you need a bodyguard!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Assuming you are talking about two hubs and one location where you have spread tasks across two hubs, then what you need is to get your devices from one hub to appear on the hub with your Google Home account.

Use either the Built-In Hub Link/Link to Hub apps, or use the community [HubConnect] (HubConnect - visualizing connectivity) app. And while I like @csteele 's visulaization of how HubConnect works, he forgot to add a link in that post to the actual HubConnect post :wink:

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Two separate homes two hubs. One me. (Email address). I've used the Google home integration for a long time. Now setting up gf's house. Do I have to have another Google account to hook her up or is there a way to assign another hubitat hub to my Google account.

My advice for a multitude of reasons would be to keep them separated. What if the house was sold and the Hubitat went with it, you broke up, someone was in a car wreck, or whatever. And won't things like Google Assistant or Alexa be easier to keep separated?

Your choice of course, but what would you gain by putting them both in your name?


Other that not having to get into her iPhone and setting it up under her's I guess. :grin: And figuring out what broke when it breaks..

Thanks for the input and helping me think through