Two identical Aqara Smart Plug SP-EUC01 - different number of events !?

Hi clever community

I have two Aqara smart outlet plugs - connected to HE. I am using Hubigraph to make a graph of the power consumption. The graph and the events clearly shows that one device ("Strøm Kontor") is reporting twice per minut (as requested in Hubigraph) and the other ("Strøm TV") only randomly reports to HE.

All parameters are the same as shown below. I tried deleting the dodgy device and paired it again. Even tried the Xiaomi device driver but they didn't report power. So both are on "Zigbee Generic Outlet" device driver.

Any good suggestions to why ? Any help would be appreciated :pray:

Probably need to see the Preferences to be sure of the reasons why you may be seeing what you are.... But I expect if the TV does not fluctuate (change) it's power consumption regularly enough, then you most likely will not see it reporting as regularly, if it is reporting per watt....

If all else looks good, I'd just run the "Configure" command on both devices from the device detail page. Zigbee reporting is probably just configured differently for the two devices (assuming their real-world conditions are the same).

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Which Preferences are you looking for (apart from the ones in the encl. picture)?

There is an option for "Enable automatic poser reporting" which is disabled for both devices.

I am not sure where to read about the "Zigbee Generic Outlet" driver what the different fields actually mean :confused:

Bertabcd1234 - I already did that several times :pensive:

Whenever I from the "Device details" page hit "Refresh" I will have an additional entry in the "Events" which the will be shown in the graph. But for that particular device no automatic refresh


I just tried to separate the two devices into two separate Hubigraph's and moving them back and forth to see if that helped - but still no luck :scream::disappointed_relieved:

What happens if you swap the two devices physically, so they are controlling the other device? Does the symptom follow?

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Will try right away.

Watching with interest as I'm having a similar problem with 2 Samsung outlets (just posted a minute ago)

Symptom follows :confused:

However there definitely is a difference to the devices: On both devices I pressed the physical button to start them again - but only the 'dodgy' one actually reports (in the "Events") that the physical button was pressed - it didn't on the other...

Do you know whether their routes to the hub are the same? I was thinking maybe some repeater was dropping some of the messages.

Looking at the screenshot of the device preferences that you posted, you have the Automatic Power Monitoring set to Disabled. If that's the case for both, I can't explain why one is reporting, but I would expect having that disabled to mean the device would no longer report back to HE, or at the very least HE would ignore any of those reading. My interpretation of the other options for that setting are that you can adjust how much of a change in power will trigger an event in HE, a sensitivity if you like...

What happens if you change this to 1 Watt on both devices?


Again, this is only my interpretation.

Not sure if this will happen for you, but I've had issues with the power reporting on mine (not currently hooked up to my exercise bike :slight_smile: ) , so I have not used this in any rules / dashboards. I'm expecting there is some issue with the data coming back producing readings over 6kW. It doesn't appear as bad now from what I can see in the Events, so maybe it's mesh related...

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Not really sure hot to decipher the output from

Looks like they're probably both routing the same, so that's not likely to be the issue after all. I notice everything's ignoring the repeaters as usual... Either that or these routing reports are not really all that informative.

My routing report doesn't even mention my Ikea repeater.

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This morning I changed exactly that parameter to 1 watt for the "TV" and 500 watt for the "Kontor" and actually resulting in a different graph and actually readings in the events every 30 seconds.

So I suppose that you are right in the assumption that the automatic power must be set! So thanks for that suggestion sburke781

Still not completely satisfied w. the number of data points in the graph - but that'll be then next troubleshooting session :wink:


Are you sure you have paired it to HE?

It appears in the device list, just not in the Zigbee routing report. Also one of my Aqara vibration sensors isn't on the list, even though it's reliably reporting all events.