Two Hue Sensors - one works other doesn't

Habitat C-8 version platform

I tried to install two Hue motion sensors, 9290030675. One works great the Hub recognizes the other but never updates. I tried configuring the failing one with the Hue motion sensor driver or the Zigbee generic motion. The driver change has no impact. Any suggestions to make the failing sensor work?

The two sensors are at the same distance to the Hub, they're about two feet apart.

Remove the sensor that is having problems. Then reset and re-pair it. Should be about a 10s+ or more press on the reset button and then the sensor should be reset and go into pairing mode. Start Zigbee pairing on the hub and re-pair it. See if that helps.

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I keep forgetting about that button. :slight_smile:

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Sadly after removal, resetting and reinstalling there is no change in behavior. The failed motion sensor still stays stuck at the initial setting and further report is recognized by Hubitat.

Take the batteries out and leave it unpowered for 10 minutes. That's an arbitrarily long time but it worked on my Hue outdoor motion sensors when I was having trouble getting them back online. When you put the batteries back do the reset button thing and I'll bet they pair up fine. If not, the only thing I can suggest is to first remove the devices from HE and repeat the above.

Do you know the firmware on both of the devices?

I'd also say maybe don't put them too close to the hub, maybe close to a repeater plug. That helped me when upgrading the firmware on the Hue motions, so maybe here too?