Two hubs on Hub Protect Only One Shows Backup to Cloud

I have added Hub Protect to two hubs at two different locations under my account. When looking at the subscription page I see this:


When looking at the backup page of the Home-C7 hub I can backup to the cloud just fine. On the Michigan hub the only option on the cloud backup page is to migrate to this hub. Something isn't right. Here is the cloud backup page from the Michigan hub:

I thought with two subscriptions the backups were independent?

They are, have you tried rebooting the hub?

Yes I did that right after posting this. It's now showing it's own backup now. It must have been when I enrolled the first hub the second hub defaulted to migration. When activating the subscription for the second hub doesn't seem to clear this. Add another bug to the list .

Can I get a coupon :smiley:

You'll see "Migrate" on both hubs, because you can migrate a backup both ways. From Home to Michigan and from Michigan to Home.

Did you use the multi hubs coupon?

The problem is that nothing wants to migrate to Michiganโ€ฆ:rofl:

(JK, but being from Ohio it was too good to pass up.)


No I didn't see it, I guess I will pester you guys again at renewal.

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