Two days later and I'm switching to SmartThings


Yes, I was planning on using it as a starting point but there's no source code and... well look at my original post.


Ha Ha Ha!!! SmartThings removed the never fully deployed Contact Book many, many moths ago...!!!

Just because you see something written in official looking documentation does not mean anything, especially when it comes to ST. So many great developers have abandoned ship, or are in the process of leaving... Their community is actually getting quieter and quieter since its peak a few years back.


That was a C&P from the RBoy site, I can do without contact management- what I need is the rest of it.


I read your original post. Basically you're bashing our product because you want an elaborate fully capable Rental Lock Manager system. That's not fair, and your post was misleading. You could have just said, hey I'm leaving because Hubitat doesn't offer a fully capable Rental Lock Manager app, and I'm not really up for writing my own. Or, better yet, a little research would have allowed you not to purchase this product in the first place. Were you truly interested in implementing something like RBoy's lock manager for Hubitat, that would be as straight forward as it was for him to do it for ST, even given all of your comments.

But, nothing stops anyone from posting a rant like yours, while not revealing the real reasoning. Enjoy SmartThings.


I understand... It was just something that jumped out.

Are you planning on using this for personal use? Or to help run a small business? In either case, the reliability of the ST cloud, forced firmware upgrades, lack of backup and restore capabilities, etc... will eventually frustrate you, like it did all of us! :wink:

I truly hope ST works well for your needs! And please know that the Hubitat Community will welcome you back should you decide ST isn't right for you. Word of advice though, if I may... Bashing a platform that you never really gave a chance is not going win over many in the community. Much better to focus on the issue you're trying to solve, and you'll receive much better support.

Good luck! Have Fun! Options are a good thing!


Well said!
Channelling one of my favorite HA personalities. You forgot the :sunglasses:


You may think so now...but as you've said, you're just going to smartthings, aren't you? How do you know for sure? Talk to me in a week. Also, what's the name of this wonderful app you bought? Please tell me it's rBoy.

Edit: IT IS!!!! YAY!!!! You'll definitely be back in no time. :smiley: (i went all the way over to the ST forum to try and jog my memory on his name and it was here all along)

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