Two days in a row primary hub has stopped reponding after cloud backup

Hub Type: C7
Platform Version:

My hubs have been extremely reliable. My primary hub which has the Z-Wave and Zigbee devices and the primary rules has been stopping in the last two days where rules and the web ui is not functional. I am able to get into diagnostics page and reboot the hub.

Looking at the logs it seems to be happening right after cloud back. I see no errors in the logs, z-wave logs. I have looked at the memory and CPU usage and everything looks normal up to the point it stops reporting the data.

Not a lot of breadcrumbs to go with here but any ideas would be appreciated.



What does the Location Event for the cloud backup show? (Under Logs|Hub events)

This is the last logged item before my restart:

systemStart System startup with build: 7/09/2024 5:07:21.761 am
cloudBackup Cloud backup successful success 7/08/2024 2:16:28.981 am

Hmmm, might want to ask @bobbyD if he can look at the engineering logs (you’ll need to send him the hub ID in a PM).

Yep I was also PM'ing Bobby.

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