Two C-7 Hubs, only a handful of devices, one keeps crashing

Setting up my new Hubitat system using two C-7 hubs. One will be dedicated to devices, the other will run automations. I'm using the integrated "Hub Mesh" feature for device sharing.

I have about a dozen devices on one C-7, and I'm running 3 simple automations on the second C-7. The second C-7 keeps crashing every few hours. The hub will become completely unresponsive, unable to access it via the portal, or directly via IP. It will of course also stop working and automating. The three automations are two instances of the integrated simple lighting rules, and one very simple automation checking to make sure a switch (for recirculation pumps) is on every ten minutes, so long as someone is home, via the LIfe360 connector.

Nothing even remotely complex, yet there's something this second hub cannot fathom. Any suggestions? Nothing appearing in my logs. I had been hopeful splitting up the duties between two hubs would increase reliability.


This is definitely not what you should be experiencing.

Can you still access it through the diagnostic port at [hub_ip]:8081, and how are you recovering from the crash.

I would recommend emailing and asking them to take a look at your hub activity to trace what’s happening.

The first method in case of a corrupted database is to do a backup manual download, followed by a soft reset, and then a restore. This will put you back to the exact same place you are now with a clean database.

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That is odd, indeed. If you didn't do so already, please send us an email.

A few things come to mind. You said you cannot access the hub's web interface, but can you access the Diagnostic Tool?

Also, you've mentioned that you don't see anything in logs (past logs) do you have any warnings like device is unresponsive?

Lastly, when you have an unresponsive hub, first thing to do is run a Soft Reset with restore, following instructions in below document:

That is, of course, if you are able to access the Diagnostic Tool.

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No, I cannot access it via the diagnostic tool, it's unresponsive.

As far as a corrupted database, it's a brand new hub. With 3 (three) automations and no devices which aren't shared devices from the first hub. It's empty. It's fresh. It's new.

I did have this problem with my C5; after an update two years ago, it started crashing in the same manner every 24 hours or so. Hubitat support decided it was a defective hub, and replaced it. The new hub was never reliable, after the suggestion of a community member I replaced my Apple Airport Express routers with an Eero mesh system. Instead of crashing every 24 hours, my system would run for a few days before it would become unresponsive. It annoyed me to the point where I stopped adding to my smart home for about the last year. Now I have my two shiney new C-7 hubs, and I'm still unable to turn the porch lights off.

When I say "crashing" I mean crashing. My automations stop running. Light rules don't activate. The hub is unresponsive via the portal or direct IP. Recovery console doesn't load. My router shows the hub is dropped off the network. The hub itself is sitting in the closet with a green light, as though nothing was wrong.

The only hardware which is unchanged this entire time is a rackmount 24-port unmanaged TP-Link switch. I sent an email to support, and am waiting on a response.

The hubitat is a local setup, so I don't need any special port reservations. I have both hubs on static IP's. They're both plugged in using the supplied power adapters. The "devices" hub has been running since I plugged it in two days ago.

I'm tempted to put the automations in the devices hub, see if it also crashes. If it does, it's something related to my particular blend of hardware. If it doesn't, it appears I received a bad C-7 hub. It's probably not that simple, but perhaps it is.

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