Two basic rules only one works after migration to C8

I have an odd issue that started after I migrated to the new C8. I have two basic rules one that turns the lights on before sunset and another that turns them off just after sunrise. Both rules worked until I migrated then the sunset rule stopped.
When I viewed the rule I could see Hubitat was showing me hints and tips but that option was disabled. I then deleted the rule and created a brand new rule.

The new sunset rule did not run as scheduled.
I enabled logging and will check after the next schedule interval tonight.
I am able to turn these on & off manually or through one of my control panels. There are no conflicting rules and or other z-wave devices on the same circuit.

The only issue I could find and not even sure if its the issue is in the sunset rule one value is represented as -30 but the other as just 30.

The difference is that 30 would be 30 minutes after and -30 would be 30 minutes before; either could work, depending on what you actually want. For initial troubleshooting, you'd likely be better showing the "main" app page itself rather than the internal data structures on the App Status page like above.

Since your problem involves time, the first thing I'd check is that your location and time zone settings are correct. A section was recently added to this troubleshooting document showing how:

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It is not the system time or zone or none of the tasks would function and this is the only one that is having an issue.
What I was trying to say above is that the time offset for sunrise is 30 in both fields where in the sunset one is -30 and the other is 30. The one that is 30 I am unable to edit or change, it gets set when I make the rule.

The app settings are basic but here they are. I did enable logging on the sunset so that I can verify tonight when its scheduled to turn on.

Being internal app data, I wouldn't worry about the "-30" thing too much, but a reasonable guess is that sunsetOffset stores the actual value you typed into the input (something has to), while atSunsetOffset is created by the app based on this value and is what it needs to actually calculate the time difference (since this is a "before" thing). A quick test on my part is consistent with this. But again, this isn't the first place I'd look.

You are not supposed to be able to (directly) change anything on the App Status page. This is a representation of the app's internal data and can be useful if you wrote the app or are troubleshooting something with the developer who may want to see the value of something. Otherwise, everything you can really change is on the actual app pages themselves (and will typically change things here in some way that corresponds to the selections you make there).

Incorrect location (latitude/longitude) or time zone can affect sun time calculations and scheduled jobs relative to these times, which is why I suggested double-checking both. Not saying it is the problem here, but it's a good first step if nothing else stands out.

Otherwise, your plan to enable logging and see what they show later sounds like a good idea!

The other tasks that work also rely on time of day, like the example of the other working rule that is using those same time and location information and works fine.

Again, sun times specifically are the concern here, not just "time of day." If you haven't checked the settings yet, I'd do so -- it's easy, and you'll have ruled out one possibility. :slight_smile: Otherwise, I don't see any problems, so just waiting and seeing what "Logs" say later is probably the next-best idea.