TV/Plex control?

What are folks using these days to control their tv's, a/v, Plex, stuff like that w/ Hubitat? Looks like Logitech might be the way to go, is that still the way to do it, or is there a newer 2020 way? I searched the forums but everything that came up that referenced it was like a year or more ago. Thanks!

I've been using a Logitech Harmony hub and it works great for the entertainment center equipment. I don't know about smart tv app control. I haven't looked into that yet.


Depends on the equipment really. There are some drivers for samsung tvs that provide remote control, Or like denon/onkyo telnet driver. Some use the logitech harmony.

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I've been using a Harmony Hub with remote to run my entertainment system. I have a group set up in Hubitat and I have Alexa turn everything on and off. It works great.

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