TV control

Hello folks, So...
I have a chrome cast, which I have integrated fine. However I'm struggling to see its actual use... It seems to just be a remote control (and a very poor remote control), I cannot actually control my chrome cast at all. Can anyone help me?

What did you want to do exactly? The commands are quite limited and you can check them out on the device page for the driver.

Maybe you need also to use a driver for the TV itself if you want to control things like on/off, volume, etc. Have a search on the forum for your TV and you might get lucky (there are a few drivers posted). Overall tho' it is not a well supported area of the product in my opinion. I've tried use a Sharp Aquos driver and it is not healthy at all (many errors). I stopped using it. An alternative to this is to consider an IR controller (like a Broadlink RM3) and use that to control the TV.

Hope it helps :blush:

So with this broad link, am I able to integrate to my hubitat?

Yes, there is a local direct integration that was built a while ago. Works very well.
Just be careful which app you use to initially connect the broadlink device, to avoid cloud locking the device