Tuya wifi driver not updating status

I'm slowly migrating devices from a Home Assistant instance to Hubitat.

I've used the drivers for TUYA switches and RGBW devices kindly provided by @holand.ivar, and if all control is done through Hubitat I think it's working OK.

What it doesn't seem to recognise is if any activity happens on the device through the cloud integration. If I manually go to the device and refresh status it updates, but not automatically.

Do I have to stop using any other ways of interacting with the devices?


I am not using that same driver but something similar and I have noticed if you use the mobile app it seems to make the device get disconnected from Hubitat. I am thinking the mobile app may use the local socket connection via the LAN if you are on the same network and thus it kicks the hub off that connection. If the driver does a "heartbeat" it can discover when it gets disconnected and attempt to reconnect.


The tuya devices probably communicate with the tuya servers with a "hard coded" web address. So unless you are able to intercept, or perhaps do some DNS spoofing you will not be able to immediately see the bulb status update. However, you can poll the device for status updates, it is not the nicest solution, but it works. In the latest driver for the tuya RGBW bulbs I have added the possibility to configure polling of devices. I can successfully update the status of the bulb via the tuya app on my phone, and see this reflected in Hubitat:


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