Tuya or Smartlife

Hi, Is there a way to add Tuya/Smartlife wifi devices on HE ?

Yes, it’s possible by using community-developed custom code that you can load on your hub.

Can you suggest good custom code for Tuya and smartlife WIFI Devices.

Each would be bespoke to the device you wish to add

I've searched for this recently but couldn't find anything for light bulbs - I believe there is one for outlets and sirens though.

I wish HE had some sort of Local Tuya integration like HA - I've already extracted the Device ID and Local Key for all my Tuya devices & created DHCP reservations for them so now I just need a device handler for HE.

I can’t, sorry. I don’t use WiFi-based devices for home automation. Search in the forum using the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to try to find more.

If you’re potentially interested in flashing the firmware on your devices, you could look into the Tasmota integration developed by a community member as well.

For now, I can only see that only way is to flush the Tuya devices with third party firmware, then use it with HE.
I am not sure why HE has not some sort of intergration for Tuya as there are large number of devices people are using.

Evidently not enough on the HE platform to drive someone to develop an integration...:sunglasses:.

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Fundamentally, it’s because of this.

Unlike z-wave and zigbee, manufacturers of WiFi devices don’t have to use any standardized methods when designing them.

So that means someone would have to create different drivers for every brand of WiFi bulb, switch etc.

Is Tuya still not cloud-based, like Smartlife?

Generally speaking, wifi devices = cloud based. Hubitat users tend to avoid nonlocal devices. In the case of tuya and clones, flashing with third party firmware makes them local and even controlable by MQTT. Therefore, there is no incentive to develop an integration for them when a far better option is available.

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