Tuya Camera Wifi Driver

I bought the following Tuya Wifi Security Camera
and I want to control it from Hubitat like turning on/off the motion detector.

I'm using the Tuya Cloud Integration and I can see it;s data:

How I can change the camera via push commands?

Use a Hubitat app like basic rules to turn the device’s motion switch on or off based on triggers that you configure.

If basic rules doesn’t allow for flexible enough automation logic, rule machine is much more flexible, but harder to learn how to use.

I don't have the basic functionality in the Hubitat dashboard to trigger any camera action as I have in the Tuya app: move, on/off patrol, on/off motion tracking, and so on.
My question is how to add that functionallity.

Ok so you want to add this to a dashboard, you didn’t specify that :slightly_smiling_face:.

You would add tiles for each of the device functions you want to control on the dashboard. If each function you want to use has a switch or capability, it should be easy enough. Even if they don’t, rule machine should be able to send custom commands to the device.

Can you scroll up and post another screenshot of the device’s configuration page to confirm those commands show up as buttons closer to the top of the page?

They are not showing up as buttons, I guess I didn't selected the proper type, but none of the options match.