Turning off night mode

This is really gonna sound dumb. I haven't needed to adjust anything on Hubitat for months and the old memory is fading fast lolo. Concerning night mode that goes on automatically at 1:30 AM which activates a motion sensor to monitor my garage. IF by chance, motion is detected, say from a falling box in the garage, can I turn off the siren just like I do when the system is armed away by using the keypad that I have connected to Hubitat just by pressing my code and off. Thanks for your patience.

If this is part of HSM, and HSM is armed at that time, it should work. I strongly suggest you test it by putting your system into Night mode, and tripping the motion.

If turning on the siren from motion is not HSM, then it wouldn't work. You could use an HSM custom rule if need be to get it into HSM.

Note, in either case you would be disarming HSM, and would need to re-arm it after the wee-hours fun.

Actually, no, I don't think it will disarm the custom rule. I believe the keypad disarms intrusion.

To add disarming the custom rule you could use a rule in RM that is triggered by HSM being disarmed, and have that do a disarmAll.

Wow I really feel stupid. Thanks bravenel! I can't believe I didn't think to test it out by putting it in night mode! You were correct. It is a HSM custom rule and once motion was detected and the siren sounded, I was able to turn off the siren with the keypad. Now to fire up the brain to make a rule in RM as you suggested is my next task. Thank you so much again for your quick response

In related news but probably not what you're asking about, note that a falling box is unlikely to set off your average motion sensor. Most are PIR sensors, which will look for certain infrared changes that might indicate a moving human (or other similar animal or occasionally heat/IR source) and would be unlikely to respond to cardboard.

Under the Configure HSM, there is an area stating configure arming/disarming cancel option which has an area under Keypad that states an option to disarm to disarm all, . Could I use that?

Thats good to know. That should help prevent false alarms

Sure, I forgot that was there.

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