Turn on switches based on Bright/Cloudy/Dark/Asleep

I'm trying to move all my functionality over to Hubitat from my VeraPlus.
When I enter a room I want to turn on different switches/lights based on the outside brightness modes and a virtual switch named Asleep.
So far, the only way I can see to do this is by creating 4 motion apps or rules. There's GOT to be a simpler way.
I can see how I can set light levels by mode but I can't see how to turn on each individual switch based on mode.
I'm obviously missing something here.

You should be able to do it all in one Rule Machine rule if your using the same thing to trigger it all.

You can do this based on Illuminance if you have something like the APIXU weather driver installed.

Another shameless plug...

I have an app called ‘mode switch’
This will set on/off/dim levels etc dependent upon mode
I also have an app called ‘modes plus’ which can switch modes dependent upon lux levels etc.



Thanks for the quick reply.
I agree I should be, I just can't figure out how.
Maybe I shouldn't be posting this in RM but instead in 'Motion Lighting Apps'.
If you can see how to turn on one, two, or all three switches based on mode, please explain what I'm missing.

Not sure I follow you, but I'll look into APIXU.

If I'm understanding you, ‘mode switch’ does things when the mode changes but I want to do things based on mode but triggered by a motion sensor. I see how mode plus would be usefull, but I already wrote three rules to set bright/cloudy/dark base on illum.

'Motion Controlled Switches & Lights" will do it for you
Turns on lights etc when motion active, but only if a switch is on (or off) and you are in the correct mode :slight_smile:


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