Turn On & Set Color Missing?

I have 16 SmartThings buttons that I use to control Hue RGB lights throughout the house. A single tap toggles the light. But for the holidays I have it set so a double tap toggles the light and sets the color to red, while a long press toggles and sets the color to green.

It seems that the option "Turn On & Set Color" is not available in Simple Lighting, and button controller doesn't have the ability to toggle. In SmartLighting I can do both Turn On & Set Color with a toggle.

I can do it in RM but it's a lot of work getting each set up. If there a simpler way to do this?

This is what I'm doing to solve this, since I don't see any simple way to do this.

A RM triggered rule for a button press checks the state of the RGB bulb, if it's off, it sets the color to White. A second action sets the level to 100. I found the level option when used with color, at least with Hue lights did not always work.

I'm using button controller rules to set color to red for double tap and green for a long press.

The way it works now is a single press always toggles the light, double press always sets red (it no longer toggles) and lon press sets green (no longer toggles).

Its a change in functionality but the family is okay with it, so I'm moving onward.

Have you tried @stephack’s Advanced Button Controller (ABC) App?

Advanced Button Controller (ABC)