Turn on outside lights when door unlocked?

So, I'm trying Rule Machine. I'd like to know if the following is possible/how I could do it.

Here's what I want to do: Between sunset and sunrise, if an external door is unlocked then turn on the corresponding light.

Here's what I have: Hubitat Hub, Lutron Caseta switches, August Smart Lock with the WiFi connect plug.

My biggest hurdle, and the part that I think is stopping me, is getting the August Smart Lock to work with Hubitat.

Any suggestions??

What is your lock doing?

To use your lock, you would have to go to the Devices tab, the lock device, and see what it says on that page when you physically unlock the door. Alternatively (and maybe better) is to turn on logging on that page, open the Log tab, and see what happens when you physically unlock the door.

After that, it is fairly simple IF there are physical lock events showing.

I think that's my first step... getting the August Smart Lock to show up in Hubitat. I don't have the Pro version, just the smart lock with wifi bridge.

Oooh, that may be trouble. Again, I am only going by the compatibility list, but the PRO is the only one listed. List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation

Maybe with IFTTT or some other way it might be able to be seen by Hubitat, but I doubt that would lead to a reliable or good experience.

Hopefully someone else has experience with these and can chime in.