Turn on dimmer scene, increase light level or turn off lights with the same buttion

I am converting from insteon to Hubitat. Insteon has some great functionality that I am trying to duplicate with Hubitat using a Zooz ZEN32 Scene Controller and ZEN72/77 dimmers.

I want to create a rule that uses a button to turn on a set of dimmers to a light level. Then I want the rule to use that same button to increase the light when held and released or turn off the lights when the same button is double tapped.

I was able to create a rule that turns on the lights, then will increase the light level when held and released. Then only after I hold and release will it turn the lights off with a double tap of the same button. The problem is I can go directly from turning on the lights with a button press to turning off the lights with a double tap if I do not want to increase the light level before turning off the lights.

Add the built in button controller app. That will do what you want.

The button controller app will certainly do the trick (I use that with scenes).

If I were starting out fresh today I would consider the (fairly recently introduced) built in Room Lighting app