Turn off VPN to connect new hub?

Decided to finally hook up my C7 and at least make sure it can talk . I had planned to use the new migrating service but that is taking a while so I figured I better at least make sure it works.

The scan showed all three of my hubs. My two currently running hubs and a new one called my new hub. When I would click on the hub to configure it, it would refuse the connection and time out. I have a Netgear Nighthawk R6700 router and I run the built in VPN. When looking in the router table the new hub was showing up in my VPN IP list.

I realized when I setup up my first two hubs I had not setup the VPN yet. So I turned off the router VPN and then the new hub connected and I was able to get it setup on the network. After setup I turned the VPN back on and everything is working great. Anyone know why?

I'm not familiar with Netgear routers at least not in the last 6 years or so, but the router shouldn't put any LAN devices into the VPN subnet there must be something setup in the DHCP settings that allows devices to cross over?

I run VPN on my Asus router. I did have to use the MAC address to get it to connect but that did the trick for me. Unsure why the VPN would matter since that only applies to traffic to the WAN and not the LAN.