Turn off thermostat when away

I have a Honeywell t6 Zwave thermostat paired with hubitat.

I want to set the thermostat to off when the mode change to away.

Currently there is only option to change the temperature in the mode manager.

How can I turn off the thermostat when away?

Hopefully there may be an in-built app that can achieve this for you, but an alternative would be setting up a rule in Rule Machine triggered on the mode changing to Away. If you decide to take that approach and need a hand post back here and we should be able to set it up.

I have a Honeywell Evohome system, which i control through a mix of Hubitat rules and IFTTT integration (given that so far i've not managed to integrate Evohome directly to hubitat).

I use IFTTT such that Hubitat can trigger 'Away', 'Economy' and 'Schedule' modes (using my 3 free integrations only, so no need to pay :slight_smile: ).

Hubitat then handles all the logic in rule machine for when to fire those triggers based upon presence (using iphone wifi presence driver and life 360), current weather and the forecast weather for tomorrow (using the Open-Weathermap driver).

It's set up so that the heating doesn't come on in the morning if the weather will be warm that day, and also stays off if I return from home when on a hot day. Before hubitat I controlled Evohome purely through IFTTT services, which lacked the intelligence I wanted.

use two simple RMs( or combine it into one rule if you must)
RM1 -
Trigger HSM state changes to Away
Action: run thermostat command: Off

RM2 -
Trigger HSM state changes to Not Away
Action: run thermostat command: [Auto, Heat, Cool]

Builtin app, Thermostat Scheduler, has an Away option allowing the temperature to be set when the HSM State is set to Away. Although not Off, with very high cool, or very low heat set points the unit is usually off.


I have a Nest thermostat and I use my Alexa presence (which works well) for thermostat adjustments.

What is Alexa presence?