Turn off at sunrise with offset problem

Any ideas as to why this rule took 14 minutes to execute? It was showing as pending in the scheduled job log during that period. The second line evaluating as true was me opening the rule and clicking "done" during that time.

And here it shows as pending for tonight/tomorrow at the correct time.

@bravenel I know simple lighting do this easily but I can't find the sunrise offset. Could you add more light to this? Thanks.

But I believe simple lighting doesn't allow me to do different offsets to on (sunset) and off (sunrise) unless I'm missing something.

The rule did evaluate as false- but just 14 minutes after the fact. Unless I'm reading the logs incorrectly?

This is all quite strange. I don't understand why the logs are showing the time to be 10:40 AM in the Date column and RM event showing 5:40 AM. We need to figure that out.

The other thing that is odd is that the rule didn't go false at 5:40. I suspect these two things may be related. I will look into this further.

Thank you!

I meant sunset offset, sorry

It would helpful if you were to reboot your hub, and try this same thing again. There was (maybe still is?) a bug where the timezone and log times are not in synch. Since this may have something to do with the problem you've reported, I need to either confirm or remove this as the possible source.

I've rebooted. I'll see what happens tomorrow morning.

If you have any other rules that might be running, you could look at their app events to see if the times agree, or are off.

I've deleted all the other rules (not a ton since I'm just starting out) when troubleshooting to ensure that I didn't have a conflict that was causing the problem. After the reboot, the log time is accurate but now I'm seeing two log entries and two pending jobs for tomorrow morning. Again, this is the only rule I have running at the moment and I have not changed it since the above screen shot.

Just go into that rule and hit Done. Then see what you have for scheduled jobs.

At least your time zone is right now.

Time zone is correct, but rule still didn't evaluate as false this morning. This is the log at 6:08 local time.

I went into the rule and clicked "done" and it immediately went to false.

Argh. I will dig into this deeper to find out why it's failing.

@bravenel - hold off on digging in too deeply. I'm going to delete the rule and build it again. Maybe that time out of sync issue happening when I built it has something to do with it? I'll try again and update when I see the results tomorrow. I want to rule out anything "goofy" going on. I appreciate the assist!

We'll for whatever reason that seemed to work. Rule ran flawlessly this morning. Chalk it up to one of those things.


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