Turn lights off on no motion

Anyone help me with this? I realise I can probably do this in RM easily enough but is there a way to do it in Motion Lighting:

If there is no motion on the relevant sensors turn the bedroom lights off, but never turn the lights on via the motion sensors.

Basically I'm forever forgetting to turn the bedroom lights off so I want to be able to turn them off automatically during the day (and only during the day) if all is quiet. For many reasons, most of them WAF related I don't want motion to turn the lights on.

Any ideas???

Yes, this is very much doable. I have implemented this in multiple rooms where I may or may not need the light turned on, but definitely want it to be turned off when there is no one in there.

The only issue is that sometimes, if there is not enough motion to trigger the sensor, the light will turn off with someone in the room. Adding a sufficient delay is the approach I show in the following example:

Is this what you are looking for?

Hah! That's perfect. I hadn't even thought of looking at the Simple Automation app but that's exactly what I wanted; mine is set to run when motion stops across all of 5 sensors and 30 minutes have elapsed which eradicates the potential problem of the lights going off when I don't want them to. Magic, thanks!

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