Turn Lights off - delay then turn lights on

I'm not sure where to put this....

I'm new to the rules engine and I wanted to Turn two lights off wait 2 seconds then turn lights on by pushing a button and or asking Alexa.

So it would be like this.(I want 2 Options)

  1. Push button -- Turn 2 lights off -- delay 2 seconds -- Turn the same 2 lights on
  2. Alexa turn on lights -- Turn 2 lights off -- delay 2 seconds -- Turn the same 2 lights on

Would this be done in Rule machine or Simple lighting.
Can you show me how to set this up?

Any help would be great!


Why would you want to turn the lights off for 2 seconds and turn them back on again?

Reset Flood lights

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What do you mean reset flood flights? Why do they have to be reset?

If you turn the lights off and on real quick, the lights will stay on until you use the 2 second feature on all floods.

If you shut the flood light for 2 seconds, delay, turn it on- when it turns on the LIGHTS bulbs will be off-- meaning ready for motion detection

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Because you want to say “turn on” this makes it tricky. But you can solve this by creating a virtual switch and use the auto off feature of 2s. Then create a rule that will follow the state of this switch. If this switch is on, turn off your physical switch and when off turn it back on. Then setup your button to also turn on this same virtual switch. No need for toggle since the auto off feature will take care if it.

One of my apps ‘Flasher’ will do this for you.
You can trigger off a button and set the number of flashes and the duration (inc time between flashes)
You can also trigger off a virtual switch controlled by Alexa - just create a virtual and set the auto off for 1/2 sec or something.

With Flasher, you can start with the lights on or off - configuable


Been there, I'd make it "3 seconds" to be on the safe side.

Cobra, are your apps hosted over the internet, or run locally ?

ALL my apps run on the HE hub.

With one small exception...
Once a week (or before if you press a button) all my apps/drivers check a website for an update notification.

The apps/drivers will work perfectly well without doing this, I just find it useful for people to know that there is an update if they wish.

The whole idea of HE is that it runs local code :slight_smile:


Thanks, Andy. I want a solution totally independent of the internet..

Being a newbie with HE..

I would:

  1. Create a virtual switch (What ever name) generic zwave switch?
  2. Have Alexa discover the virtual switch
  3. Use flasher for my application , Button or ask Alexa?

use 'One to Many'
(One of my apps - set to 'reverse mode'.. - when you turn a switch on it will turn others off)

Use a virtual switch with a 3-5 second delay (I have a driver for that)

Get Alexa to find the switch.. (lets call it switch A)

Tell alexa to 'turn switch A on'

Alexa turns it on... one to many turns the other switches/lights off
After a few seconds.. switch A automatically switches off again
One to many switches the switches/lights on..

Sounds complicated but really easy (If I understood what you want correctly)

edit: You can also use button controller (in-built app) to turn 'switch A' on with a button (which will start the process)


AFAIK, Alexa still requires an active internet connection to do anything (with Hubitat or any other skill).

Cobra, I'm not getting anything back from the One to Many.. returns 404 ?

I should say when you click to copy parent URL.
I tried loading the raw code from github and got this..
Metadata Error: Parent App 'Cobra:Cobra Apps' not found on line 51

The clue is in the error message

You need to install cobra apps first, then add the parent/app code for the app you want.
Have a look st the ‘installation help’ on the website

  1. Copy code for the cobra apps container to you hub and save
  2. Install cobra apps and save
  3. Select the app you want from the CA drop-down list
    This then shows a button so you can load the parent app (providing the code for that app is saved to you hub

From the parent app you can install any number of child apps

It’s a bit of a process but worth it in the end


You are correct about the url
It points to the old file location while we were testing - sorry forgot to change it

I’ll get it sorted in the morning


did you get this setup the way you want?


Did you get this running?

I have the exact same setup with my motion detecting floodlights in the backyard where the pulse On-Off-On will override the motion detector. I got mine from Lowes and would love to get this working as well.

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