TTS with Google Home?

So is there any convenient and reliable way to achieve TTS on Google Home? I would like to get voice announcements when certain things happened like “Somene is at the door” and “Mail Delivered”.

I have tried the built-in Chromecast integration but it never works long term. Eventually everything stops responding and has to be rediscovered.

I also tried the Google Assistant Relay (yesterday), but unfortunately any announcement is preceded by “broadcast for Bob etc...” and it cannot be disabled.

I’m surprised there isn’t anything reliable and convenient for TTS for Google Home. Or am I missing something?

Your only other option would be Cast-web-API but I don't think you're going to like that either as you're going to run into the same problems that the Chromecast integration has.

I use Google Assistant Relay. You really don't even notice the "broadcast from " after a while. But if that really bugs you, you can always create another Google account with some other name, like "Hubitat", link that to all your speakers and then set that one up in GAR. That way the broadcast says "Broadcast from hubitat". But honestly, you don't even notice it after a while.

Since you are using GAR, that means you have an RPi running correct? By chance, are you running Node Red on that because there is a palette, node node-red-contrib-cast, that does what you want and it's fast and it says exactly what you type, no prefix with "broadcast by Bob...."

You can also send it URLs to audio/mp3 files. Mine has Darth say "I am your father" when I am almost home.


The one issue I have with using the Cast feature for TTS is that it doesn't resume what you were playing before the TTS message. I use my google home's for music and podcasts throughout the house. I don't want my mail notification screwing that up. GAR uses the broadcast feature, which just plays over whatever content you are playing through your speaker at the time. So, it really depends on how you use your google speakers.

Love it!!!

I only have a Google Mini and the speaker sucks so I don't use for music. I use Echo attached bluetooth'd to speakers for music so I have never run into the issue you mentioned. That would be annoying that it would stop the music and possibly a deal breaker.

For my wife, the Jurassic Park fan, it plays the famous T-Rex growl. My little boy loves both.

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Use the Chromecast Helper app set to 4 minutes. It works nicely. My GH devices stay connected no problem. Also make sure they are on fixed IP addresses.

Thanks, Ryan. So I ended up keeping GAR but added a new account called Jarvis (it was between that and Alfred). It actually works well (definitely not as annoying as having it say my name), and I much prefer Google voice quality over the Hubitat built-in voice. And the kids get to geek out getting voice announcements from Jarvis. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Chromecast integration solves that for you. Your actual issue with it is the DHCP lease expiring on the GH device, and the IP changes so it no longer accessible from HE. If you fix your lease assignments in your router so that each GH device gets the same IP each time it asks, you should be fine.

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