TTS Speaker to get started


I would like to try TTS to see if it is helpful to the family. I'm looking for a low cost speaker to test with. Any suggestions?


Personally I would try to stay with Sonos since Hubitat has a built in integration. In my opinion you really do get what you pay for with Sonos.

You could get started with a Sonos Play 1 for $149

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Have you checked out VLCthing? It will allow you test with just a PC.

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Yep. Mac and Linux supported too. This is what I first tested with. Might have been @cwwilson08 who suggested it too! :wink:

Once I tried, I discovered the family didn't like another voice outside of Alexa, but since then I've been using the Assistant Relay Driver that @ogiewon ported and that for whatever reason has been accepted, even though it's a different voice. Go figure.

Anyway, I completely agree that VLC Player is a cheap and easy way to try it out, as most of use have some old amplified computer speakers around the house.

Thanks, I look at setting up VLCthing.

As for the Sonos Play 1, I looked at them as a candidate if the TTS works out. My objection is having to have a Sonos account to use a speaker.

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