TS011F drivers code not working

Hi All i am new with HE was trying to integrate igbee Smart Plug 20A UK Power, however i have used the drivers code "TS011F" however it's not functioning kindly can someone guide me.

  • endpointId: 01
  • model: TS011F
  • application: A0
  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_okaz9tjs

i have also found a driver code but it's not working with HE

Hi @user3028 , welcome to Hubitat forum!

For all Zigbee devices once you have identified the exact model and manufacturer data values (as in your post above), you can search the forum for either the manufacturer or the model. Usually, there will be posts discussing this device which will lead you to the right driver or solution.

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I remembered now, this was one of the problematic devices that didn’t work with the Tuya Metering Plug driver … : (

Did you try it already?

first of all thanks for replying, i have tried Tuya Metering Plug driver but no luck :(.

I have an idea to try, wait 1-2 hours ...

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Please update the driver from the development branch link here.

Click on the Initialize button after the driver was updated to the latest version 1.6.3 2022/11/06 6:49 PM

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i have update the drivers and also have initialized the switch but no luck yet.

State Variables

  • rxCounter : 0
  • energyPollingSupported : true
  • lastResetDate : 2022-11-06 23:16:50.709
  • lastEnergyRaw : 0.0
  • isDigital : false
  • lastSwitchState : unknown
  • txCounter : 10
  • isRefreshRequest : false
  • notPresentCounter : 3
  • lastEnergyCost : 0.0
  • lastHourlyEnergy : 0.0
  • switchPollingSupported : true
  • powerPollingSupported : true
  • lastResetEnergy : 0.0
  • voltagePollingSupported : true
  • driverVersion : 1.6.3 2022/11/06 6:49 PM
  • switchDebouncing : false
  • currentPollingSupported : true
  • model : TS011F
  • destinationEP : 01

Thank you for the tests! This device has a very weird behavior with HE... if I have a further update, will let you know.

@user3028 don't return your plug yet! : )

i still have it.

It is still a work in progress (not confirmed to be working yet), but if you have a chance, you can try the last update from the link in the previous post, it has the time stamp "2022/11/08 9:21 PM". Click on the Initialize button after updating the driver.

Good afternoon, I have the same plug TZ3000_okaz9tjs
In the meantime this plugs have a functional driver, is there a driver to just turn them on/off? Thanks!

Unfortunately, the problems with this device does not depend on the driver being used. It is something on HE Zigbee stack level probably.

I have already put a warning 'DO NOT BUY' on the TS011F driver first post.

so unfortunately, i bought this before seeing your warning about DO NOT BUY.


I bought 10 lol.... and I can't return em though.

Will these at least work as REPEATERS?

Sadly, no - because these devices leave the HE Zigbee network and will not act as repeaters.

Alternative use - get a second-hand SmartThings hub, or setup a Zigbee2MQTT server, or … wait until the problem is resolved in HE.

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You can help by sending one of these to Hubitat engineers : Help needed - Zigbee devices that do not work in HE

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