Trying to use homebridge with HE with group of lights


I have Homebridge setup with Homebridge Hubitat Tonesto7, and I have my Hubitat setup. I have a group that contains five lights, two are RGBW and three are just soft white dimmable.

The group is properly exposed to HomeKit via HomeBridge. But setting colors to the lights from HomeKit results in either the color not updating, or incorrect colors being set. Furthermore, setting color temperature results in some really buggy behavior.

Has anyone successfully done what I'm trying to do?

Try it with just one color bulb first to see if that works okay.. I've had trouble changing colors with my group of all Color Bulbs (2 Sengled + 1 Liokke). Am seeing if that works. Also make sure the devices are under "Lights (no adaptive lighting)" as well..

edit: changing one bulb - the Liokke, seems to work better. Color matches the wheel on the Apple Home UI more or less.

edit2: Actually my group of bulbs seems to be working now.. it's a little slow to change but otherwise works, interesting.

edit3: Temperature change is funky.. but works sort of. Can't switch to certain values on the temperature "wheel".