Trying to take 2 Rules and combined them into 1, using conditions. But it's not working out for me

Trying to combined 2 Rules into 1 Rule.
We have 5 Rules that I want be able to "Pause" and "Resume" using a virtual switch. These Rules makes announcements when there in motion in our yard using the Ring cameras.

When we our doing yard work, I want to be able to turn On a switch and Pause the Rules that make the announcements. And when we are done, just turn the switch Off and Resume the Rules for the announcements again.

I have 5 different Rules set up for each of my Ring cameras, that work just fine.
Each Rule announces the name of the camera when motion is active, on our Sonos, and Alexs devices........
(1) "Motion in your Back - Side Yard".
(2) "Motion in your Backyard Alert".
(3) "Motion at your Driveway".
(4) "Motion in your Front Door".
(5) "Motion in your Left - Side Yard".

What I have done is created 2 Rules using a virtual switch, ("Ring Pause" - Motion Switch).


In Rule #1 when virtual Switch is turned On, it will Pause all 5 Rules....
Ring - Motion - Back - Side Yard Alert.
Ring - Motion - Backyard Alert.
Ring - Motion - Driveway Alert.
Ring - Motion - Front Door Alert.
Ring - Motion - Left - Side Yard Alert.


With Rule #2 when the virtual Switch is turned OFF, it will Resume all 5 Rules again....


Those 2 simple Rules works just fine on their own.

When creating simple Rules, I'm fine. But when come to creating more complicating rules, that is where I get lost.

I have tried 3 different times to make Conditions Rules when the virtual Switch is turned On or Off, but all 3 has failed.
All 3 will Pause the 5 Rules just fine when I turn the virtual Switch ON, but when I turn the virtual Switch Off they don't Resume.

Here are each of the Conditions Rules I tried.




I would be very grateful, if you could show me the correct way that it should have been created.

Change trigger to change

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Which one of the 3 Rules that I tried, should I work with?

Try the third one.

OK, thanks!

"Thanks!" :partying_face: @mik3
That worked!!

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You could actually get rid of all of the if statements and have it as

Trigger : Virtual switch on

Action: Pause rules
Wait for Condtion: Virtual Switch off
Unpause rules

You also could build it into every rule with the first action being

If Virtual switch on then
Exit rule
End if

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You may also find that many simple automation rules, execute MUCH faster than one RM rule.
You may also find that many MOTION LIGHTING rules execute MUCH faster than one RM rule.
I'm not saying that there isn't a place for RM, but, if you hub starts to slow down, changing your RM rules into Simple Automation, Motion Lighting, Notifier, etc. may possibly speed up the execution of your rules. (Even if you go from 1 RM rule to several of the others.)


I’m thinking, complex if statements with re-occurring triggers (motion sensors) would slow down the hub. When possible change things from a change trigger to active on or deactivate off.