Trying to switch garage dimmer off after 20 minutes on

Hi peeps,
So, I am trying the following:

  1. Wyze cam detects motion in my garage. Via IFTTT it switches my garage dimmer on to 100%
  2. I want the dimmer to switch itself off if it is on for more then 20 mins.
    I tried a Rule: where if dimmer >3 then on true set delay 20 minutes and action set dimmer to 0/off
    and it does not run at all.

So, has any of you made such count down timer work? I appreciate your assistance. Thanks in advance!

Rule Machine:
Condition: Switch on
Rule: Switch on
select action for true:
Delay by 20 min
Off: Switch

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Try this trigger in RM:

Trigger event: switch on
Action: Delayed off, delay 20 minutes

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@bravenel and @napalmcsr thank you for the feedback and solutions. It works great! I use the trigger one now. :+1:

Hubitat has a great community and nice devs :smile:

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