Trying to setup rule with motion and conditions are all true and it does not work

I am new to this. I have other questions but I would like to get the basics working first. Why won't this turn on my front porch light? The time is 8:10pm. I can turn on the porch light by devices but this rule is not working.

This rule has no Trigger. So it can't run. It has to be triggered by something.

Ok that works, thank you. 2nd question, in the same rule can I tell it to turn off the lights after 3 minutes, provided they were turned on by that rule?

Select Trigger Events
Motion motion active

Select Actions to Run
On: Front Porch
Wait for Expression: Motion inactive  --> duration: 0:03:00
Off: Front Porch

If the rule re-triggers (motion goes active within 3 minutes after it went inactive), the Wait will be canceled and the actions will run again.

Edit - added trigger to example for clarity

Is that a 2nd rule I am adding? I want to make sure the lights don't go off if they were manually turned on.

I just noticed that you have a required expression for Front Porch is off. In the example I provided, the rule won't restart when the light is on so if motion goes active again within the 3 minute wait the light will still turn off. I'm not sure if this is what you want to happen.

If motion turned on the light and motion continues to be active I want the light to stay on. When the motion is inactive I want it to wait 3 minutes before the light gets turned off. If the light was turned on manually I don't want the rule to turn off the light.

The example provided will do that. Here's what it won't do: If you leave (motion inactive) and come back (motion active) the rule won't re-trigger so even with an active motion sensor the light will turn off. That might be fine for your use case but it doesn't typically work for mine and that's why I'm pointing it out. If I walk back into the area, I want the light to stay on.

If you can manually turn on the light before tripping the motion sensor then your Required Expression will prevent this rule from even triggering so you should be fine.

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