Trying to make a dashboard in SharpTools


I have a Jasco Dimmer + Motion Sensor. When I use it on a Hubitat dashboard I can choose which function to use by selecting the appropriate template. However I can't find a way to use the motion function in SharpTools. The device is listed in both Motions and Switches in SharpTools settings but when I select it for a dashboard it considers it to be a dimmer. Period,

Anyone know a way to get to the motion function in SharpTools?


Tagging @josh, the developer of SharpTools.


You can use the Hero Attribute Layout to display the motion value.

While you're editing a SharpTools dashboard...

  1. Tap the ... in the top right corner of a tile
  2. Select Change Layout and select Hero Attribute Layout
  3. Tap the ... in the top right corner of the tile and choose Edit
  4. Change the Primary Attribute and Color Attribute to motion or whatever attributes you prefer and save


When using the Hero layout, the option to select an icon is there. However, it doesn't seem to use it, ie. I want to display motion with a motion icon. All I seem to get it Active/Inactive (words). Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks! Will give it a try as soon as log in. While I have you on the line, could you tell me the best way to get to SharpTools. I don't see a link from Hubitat, and when I go directly to I'm asked to log-in - which doesn't seem to work. I don't even figure how I got in last night to work on a dashboard! There must be an easy way. Sorry for the newbie stuff...


The Hero Attribute Tile doesn't currently display an icon because the Primary Attribute is displayed in large text. I'll look into removing the icon option to avoid the confusion.

It sounds like what you really want is the ability to select a 'Motion' template rather than use a Hero Attribute template. It's on our list, but we haven't had a lot of feedback around it, so we've prioritized other big features and common user requests recently. :slight_smile:

The best way is to open a browser like Google Chrome and navigate to

Can you clarify what you mean by the log-in doesn't work? What is happening?


Here's what two of my motion sensor tiles look like: the one on the left for a GE motion sensor and the one on the right from the Motion + Dimmer switch:

I think I'll hide out awhile and see if you eventually come up with a motion icon.

Thanks again!


A common approach is to convert both tiles to Hero Attribute tiles. Both of them will show the relevant 'Active' or 'Inactive' text so at least you have visual consistency between the various tiles.

Let me see if I can bump this up the list at least for devices with a motion capability. Are both of you part of the SharpTools Beta?


As a simple workaround, you could also create a Virtual Motion Sensor, and then use RM to keep it sync’d with the GE Device’s Motion attribute. Then, use this virtual device for display in SharpTools.


I haven't signed up for the Beta. I'm such a complete newbie that I doubt anything I say would be worth anything!


Simple, you say? It might sound simple to me in a year or two, but right now all I see is words.

But I'll look to see if I can figure out how to create a virtual motion sensor...


Sorry, not myself.


That is in fact the way I have it set up currently. Was trying to be a Hero!! (pun intended)


Perhaps you could share how to create and link a virtual motion sensor? :wink:


In really simplistic terms:

  • Create a new Virtual Motion Sensor (vMotion)
  • Create a Rule
    -- If PhysicalDeviceMotion = True then vMotion = True Else vMotion = False
  • Use the Virtual Motion Sensor (vMotion) in SharpTools instead of PhysicalDeviceMotion



Thanks so much for your help. I'm still working on it. Want to give it my best shot before whining for help again!


Here's where I'm stuck:
In your example - "Select Actions for ..."
I don't understand how to create "Command: active() on..."

Sorry to drag out what should be something simple.


That might be a RM “Custom Command”. These aren’t really needed in Rule Machine 3. Just use a “Custom Action” which will let you choose from a device’s commands.


@ogiewon is correct. In RM3 you don't need it. Most of my RM stuff precedes RM3 by many, many moons.



Before I throw in the towel on this project, I'd like to ask for help just one more time!

If I select "Run Custom Action" for a motion detector, the only choice in the drop-down list is "configure" (shown as a custom command).

If "Run Custom Command" is instead selected, no choices are provided and there's no way to close the dialog.

What I was hoping to find was a way to cause the virtual motion sensor to become active/inactive if the physical motion sensor became active/inactive. I don't see a path to this.