Trying to link Google Home getting invalid password

I'm trying to link Google Home Assistant to Hubitat. From within the Google Home Assistant app the docs say to log in using the information used to setup your hub. It doesn't say which hub (Google or Hubitat) but I'm assuming it's the Hubitat hub. When I try I get an error message telling me my information is invalid. When I try and retrieve forgotten password it says the email address is invalid.

I know the email address is correct. What's going on?

Email is case sensitive. Make sure it matches exactly with the case you used to register your account.

Dumb question, but WHY is the email case sensitive??? Seems like it would have been better to force them all upper internally to avoid that altogether?

It's part of the legacy auth providers that we started with. It is actually fairly commonplace but if we had to do it over, we would have made it case insensitive. At some point we may address this, but there are several left overs to still deal with to remove the legacy logins.

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Makes sense. I assumed there was some reason for it! :smile:

I have two email address. One I used to setup the hub and the other I used to setup the mobile app. I tried them both making sure the address matched what I originally used and both failed. I also tried to use them to recover my password and that also failed. Now what?

Probably best to reach out to support if you feel you've tried everything. To double check, you can verify the exact email on the hub at /hub/register (or in settings -> hub registration)

Got it working. I think it was a problem with my phone capitalizing the first letter in the email address.

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