Trying to get TTS to speak to work on a Google Home

Google Home is not speak at all. it will play the mp3 but not speak. What do I need to do to fix it?

Which one? Mini, Mini gen 2, Hub Gen1, Hub Gen 2, Hub Max?

Hub Gen1 I think,

On the device page, set the 'delay before speaking' to 1 second and click save.

Should work then.

It is work on a door. now how to it to speak win the door is open or closed

If you just want a notification, use the "Notifications" built in app:

What is the command to get it to speak win the door is open or closed.

I it says the door open or closed. Not the Front Door is open or closed.

The Front Door is %value%

I'm having trouble with my Google display announcing when the washer dryer or living room door is open.
How do I add a 30 second to 1 minute delay?