Trying to figure this out, could use some help

I've been playing with this a bit but having some troubles implementing in RM4.

I have a motion sensor in my garage, the interior garage lights are connected to a Enbrighten Smart Dimmer configured to act as an on/off switch. I'm using the dimmer since it's no-neutral.

In any case, I want to implement the following behaviors:

  • If the motion sensor is triggered, turn on the interior lights.

  • Turn off the lights after 5 minutes.

  • However, if I plan to be in the garage longer than 5 minutes I would like to be able to simply press the ON button on the switch and they will stay on until I turn them off.

I am able to turn the light on when motion is detected, just not sure how to add the logic so that it only stays on for 5 minutes unless the on button is pressed, in which it stays on. I suspect a cancelable timer, but not sure quite how to do that, and I am assuming that the light being on as a result of motion is a digital on vs. the button press which would be something different.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Figured it out... I was doing 2 things wrong.

  1. I was trying to accomplish ALL the actions with 1 rule, which just didnt work.
  2. When I moved to 2 rules, I was trying to do Cancel Delayed Actions, which I thought would cancel the Delay from the other rule, instead I needed to cancel timed actions of a named rule (ie. rule #1).

Screen shots below, just in case someone else has this issue.

Note: I also added an IF to the 1st rule so that the light wouldnt bother to come on if the garage door was open, since there'd be outside light and the interior LEDs wouldnt be needed. I may add an OR later to evaluate time of day between X and Y since it might be nighttime and I'd still need the lights to turn on.



Why not use the built in motion lighting app? It has all the options you are replicating in RM.

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I use the double tap function to do that. If you just let motion work OR if you press the switch once, it turns off with the timer using the Motion Lighting app. If I double tap up, it overrides the timer and the lights stay on. If I double tap down, the rule resumes as normal.

Can you provide a screen shot of how you have that configured? I havent used the motion lighting app yet...

I am struggling with how this would allow me to cancel the timed light-off event by pressing the ON button on the switch?

So you need to do a couple things before setting up Motion Lighting. You need a virtual switch, which in my case I named "basement double tap override". And you need Two Basic Rule or a Simple Rule that sets the virtual switch on/off upon double tapping up/down.

Here is OFF virtual switch, but there is a parallel rule for ON. You only need to change the button number to 1 and turn the VS on instead of off.


Then you use the virtual switch in Motion Lighting as a "switch to disable off"...


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Understood, thought perhaps I was missing something obvious I should have done in my config. Thanks for clearing that up. :slight_smile: