Trying to figure out how to trigger via email or push notification


So could anyone give me any ideas of how to trigger a Hubitat virtual switch based off an incoming email subject line? I am all iOS based. Got it to actually work via shortcuts, but the issue is it requires you to manually confirm the action. Have IFTTT, but there no longer appears to be services to do this. No Android, so no Tasker. Is my last option some sort of crazy push server scenario?. Any help appreciated.

This can trigger from emails in gmail but it sounds like it does a periodic search. Not sure if you are looking for an instant alert?

Otherwise I am guessing it would not be too hard to make a custom google app that hits an RM endpoint based on certain email conditions.


This sounds like one of those times where you may be focused too much on a small piece of the puzzle. Can you share the big picture of what you’re trying to accomplish? Maybe that will trigger ideas of how we can help.


Fair enough.

My alarm system is SimpliSafe. They have decided to do a walled garden where I can’t pass state to my hub. I do get notifications and emails when an alarm event occurs, and I want to find a way to parse and pass that information to my hub.

Google is (one of) my best friends!

Does your hubitat need to be on the opposite side of the wall (figuratively speaking) of your Simplisafe? If so, can you configure the firewall rules such that the Simplisafe can talk to the hubitat, but nothing else on that side of the (fire)wall?

IMO, finding a way to enable direct communication would be a better solution.

Thanks for these ideas @jtmpush18, I see in the past you were looking at similar things. I searched these forums and google but maybe wasn’t finding the right keywords here. For my purposes, perhaps something searching every minute would do. I’ll dig into this and report back.

Many mail servers have an option to run programs to parse and call batch or shell scripts etc on the results which could hit a url calling maker api. I.know for one imail does.