Troubleshoot RM help

This rule triggers fine, but does not fire any actions. I can "Run this triggered Rule" and the actions do fire fine.

Name Description Value Date
RM Triggered 2019-06-03 08:54:58.295 AM HKT

BTW, this happens with any rule I have pertaining to my security system. Arm, disarm,etc.

I would recreate this as a rule, rather than a triggered rule. Typically, you use a triggered rule because you don't want the conditions to be evaluated until the trigger event happens, but in this case you have the trigger event the same as one of the conditions.

Should work if you recreate it as a rule, where the two conditions will become the trigger event.

I made this a Rule, and it is working as you said.
Thank you for the info. It just seemed logical to me that a trigger rule made sense AND what threw me was that the logs showed the rule was triggered! But it's actions did nothing.
BTW, I do not use HSM. My hub uses a driver to connect to my Elk M1 security panel.

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